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  1. To participate, it is essential to make a reservation request, using the online form via the website, and it is mandatory to send a fee as a deposit and accept the general conditions of participation and the entire program published on this website.
  2. To attend the event it is indispensable to become a member of Calabria Arte association, the registration will take place on arrival day at MDF reception. For minors, the booking request and the membership request must be endorsed by a parent or guardian.
  3. The balance of your payment for the workshops must be made on the Arrival Day, checks or credit cards payments are not accepted.
  4. The deposit and the payment cannot be returned in case of not-participation or withdrawal from activities, and cannot be transferred to another person. Only in the case of an accident during the workshop a partial reimbursement will be made, equal to the number of lessons not completed minus the deposit.
  5. Mandatory participation of 2 workshops / dance courses for each Lab.
  6. For Scholarship winners participation minimum in 3 dance courses for each Lab (including choreographic workshops) is mandatory. They will not get any other discount included in the program.
  7. Calabria Arte Association disclaims all responsibility in the case of theft or injury of the dancers, guardians and observers or to the damage or loss of any of their belongings, both during the lessons and during other activities on the premises or during the participants stay during the workshop period. It’s exempted from all civil and penal responsibility concerning and consequent to the participation in the event. It’s dismissed from all responsibility regarding the physical suitability of all participants and possible accidents.
  8. It is strictly forbidden to take photographs or videotape, to use mobile phone and smoking in the dance studio area.
  9. The Faculty has the authority to send the dancers to a level more suitable to their capabilities.
  10. The activity program of study can be changed in case of an insufficient number of participants, the courses provided would be reduced and unified or even cancelled.
  11. The organization reserves the right to modify the following regulations and programs. Informations about possible changes is upon your request by email: info@mediterraneodancefestival.com or checking this web site.


Reservations for the workshops and accommodation may be conducted through the web site ONLINE REGISTRATION.

NB: it’s mandatory to send a deposit of:
€ 150,00 for students - € 100,00 for observers (participation in one Lab program)
(€ 100.00 per workshop reservation + € 50.00 for booking accommodation)
€ 200,00 for students - € 150,00 for observer (participation in two Lab programs)
(€ 100.00 per workshop reservation + € 100.00 for booking accommodation)

Costs of money transition will be borne by the sender

The deposit will be sent:

  1. by Bank Transfer
    Receiver: ASD/PS cultura e spettacolo CALABRIA ARTE
    Bank: UBI Banca – Reggio Calabria / Italy
    IBAN code: IT52 P 031111 630000000000 3015
    BIC/SWIFT code: B L O P I T 2 2
    Causal: deposit MDF Italy 2019
    In this case you have to attach a pdf-jpeg file of the bank transfer receipt while making on-line registration.
  2. by PayPal:
    Send deposit to: info@mediterraneodancefestival.com
    Causal: deposit MDF ITALY 2019

    in this case, you will not have to attach a copy of the payment, the transaction will be notified directly by Paypal service)

NB. On the Arrival Day, at MDF reception, please hand in the following documents:

  • 1 passport photo
  • original receipt of deposit


Conditions of participation

Registration fee: € 50,00 (students and observers)

Mandatory participation in at least 2 dance courses
(included Choreographic Workshop)

Get a 10% discount for participation in 3 or more dance courses.

Get a 10% discount for participation in Lab 1 and 2.
(To get this discount you should pay the total amount on your arrival day).

For MDF ITALY 2018 scholarships winners it’s mandatory participation in minimum 3 dance courses for each Lab, and they will not get any discount.

Special workshop prices for groups

For schools or groups composed of:

  • 6 - 10 students get 5% discount for each student.
  • 11 - 15 students get 10% discount for each student.
  • 16 – 20 students get 15% discount for each student.
  • For groups composed of more of 20 students please contact the organization for custom arrangements (info@mediterraneodancefestival.com)

To take advantage of discounts, you will have to sign up for groups with single operation by making a single payment of deposit. You can not make registration for groups at arrival-day. The discount will be calculated only for students not observers, registration fee is not included for workshops prices.